The Known Sky

Session 1

Exploring Convy

Recap: We started with Erven, a 15-cm high elf who was looking to learn about Convoy. She asked a passing human monk for directions to somewhere she could learn about history, but he scoffed and said Convoy was only 10 years old and had no history. Instead he pointed Erven to a corner meditation spot (one on every corner, just like Barstucks) where she meditated with two halfling monks amidst some pungent incense.
Next we moved on to Ikki, a half-human-half-aarakocra who had come to Convoy in her search for knowledge. Her target was the Library ship in the Keep quarter of town. Hiding high in Convoy’s girders, she stealthily swept down into the Library. She thought she had gotten away without anyone seeing her, but as soon as she touched a book the librarian, a half-elf named Timofey, swept over to her and demanded she sign in, muttering about his assistant Gerald. Once Ikki signed in Timofey forgot about her and let her get to reading.
The halfling bard Perrin Leafwater was also new come to town, and wanted to check out Kairon, the seediest part of town. Looking for an inn where he could play his lute for his supper, he stumbled upon a likely looking watering hole and attempted to bypass the three Drow who stood outside its door, their leader named Beau. The drow, however, wouldn’t let him pass, and got a little frisky when he mentioned his “loot.” Realizing he was about to get his ass kicked, Perrin made a 180 but he was saved as a dwarf barbarian Ingvar appeared from within the tavern and told the drow off. They appeared to have had run-ins with Ingvar in the past and were appropriately chastened, letting Perrin back into the tavern as Ingvar’s guest.
Ingvar and Perrin ordered drinks from Orga, the orcish barkeep, which consisted of some kind of yellowish-green sludge. Ingvar got progressively drunker while Perrin proved he had a steel liver, which made Ingvar like him even more. Perrin made to play some music, but Ingvar stopped him, pointing to a rowdy orc named Dave who was currently in a fight over at the dice table, saying he hated anything other than Fart Metal. Not being familiar with fart metal, Perrin acceded and they kept drinking. Having taken a liking to Perrin, Ingvar decided to have the bard write an epic about him as he sought an honorable and bloody death.
Meanwhile, Gareth Kewd-Sturi, a gnomish purveyor of religious relics of questionable veracity, had a meeting with the Little Sisters of the Innocent, who wanted to buy some of his goods. They showed up, five white-robed and cat-masked figures who each stood a head higher than their compatriots. They demanded the relics before giving over the coin, and Gareth had a bad feeling about the whole thing. He cast thaumaturgy to make the ship shake, frightening the Sisters like cats and sending them scurrying to the walls. Gareth attempted to run past them, but the tallest Sister (7 ft tall) grabbed him by the wrist. Gareth promptly stabbed this Sister in the throat, killing her at once, and escaped, running through the city with a blood-stained knife and hand. He realized only after he’d left that he’d left his relics and other wares behind in the ship – but at least he’d escaped with his life.
Meanwhile, Erven the gnome had finished meditating and decided to go looking for a library again. She asked a passing young halfling monk woman, who energetically pointed Erven in the right (if vague) direction. She did an acrobatic monk flip and Erven went on her way, eventually coming to the Library in the Keep. A young man and a woman were holding hands and looking frisky on deck, but Erven bypassed them and entered the ship. There she met Ikki, who was nervous at first but put at ease when Erven didn’t judge her based on her birdy appearance. Ikki, overcome, forgot to tell Erven to sign in, so she got accosted when she attempted to read a book on the Ruler in the religion section. Timofey appeared and signed her in before going off in search of his truant apprentice, one Gerald, who was busy consorting with what Timofey described as a Strumpet. Erven and Ikki set to reading.
Soon after, a blood-encrusted Gareth showed up, demanding to see Gerald. Without his wares Gareth needed cash, and Gerald owed him money for accepting his suitor Merigold’s confession and wingmanning her into dating Gerald. Gerald didn’t have cash, but he paid off the debt with what he described as a rare and valuable book. Gareth made the acquaintance of Ikki and Erven, who were understandably perturbed by his bloodiness. Seeing that Gareth was dressed as a priest of the Faceted God, Erven asked some religious questions and had her roll a d12 to determine which god she should follow. She rolled the Explorer, which she thought was fitting. Gerald wanted Gareth to get out of there, lest Merigold see him, and Ikki and Erven decided to accompany him and go see the Carnival that was on in the center of town.
But Ikki needed some sort of clothing to pass through the crowd, and so they went into a nearby shop, a purple-and-red sloop that stunk of perfume. There, after some haggling, Erven managed to purchase a black and red cloak for Ikki, but not before the purveyor stank it up with pungent perfume. Despite her keen sense of smell, Ikki was glad of the disguise and they made to set off for the carnival.
Meanwhile, the boys decided to leave Orga’s, and found crowds heading toward the center of town, talking about a carnival. A member of the town criers’ guild, wearing powder blue, called out that the carnival was about to begin, and rattled off other news, including the weather, the approach of a barge from Yovar, and more.
As Perrin and Ingvar crossed into the Keep, they came across a pair of carnival attractions: a bear fighting ring and a dunk tank. Ingvar was drawn to the bear fight ring, and told Perrin to lay bets for him. He told Perrin to punch him, activating his RAGE. He got into the ring but found that the bear was a sad, sickly thing. Angry at the lack of a proper challenge, he tossed the bear out of the ring but activated his levitation charm, saving the bear’s life and depositing it into the crowd near the proprietor. The bear got its own rage on, and cuffed the proprietor into the ring, where Ingvar beat him bloody. Perrin pretended it was all part of the show and managed to get some silver from the crowd. Ingvar left the proprietor bear-ly alive, intending to teach a lesson, but the bear made its way back into the ring and tossed its old master over the side, killing him when he hit a girder below.
Perrin and Ingvar made to bypass the dunk tank, but just then a millennial (it’s the year 4009) hit the target and sent the slave sitting on the chair down. But instead of a water dunk tank, it was just a hole, and the slave went falling down to their death. Deciding they couldn’t in good conscience let more slaves die, Perrin raged up Ingvar and he challenged the top-hat-wearing Goliath proprietor. The proprietor and he got into a shoving match, and after just a few shoves, the Orc tripped backwards over the dunk tank and fell to his death, robbing Ingvar of a good fight once again. The rowdy crowd cheered Ingvar on.
Meanwhile, Perrin snuck into the tent in back that housed the rest of the slaves. There was a blind dwarf, two half-elf siblings, and a human man chained in a circle around the central tent pole. Ingvar came in and asked Perrin to go make a distraction. Perrin went out and played music, when he saw Dave in the back, who started singing Fart Metal. Perrin picked up the tune and accompanied Dave accurately, if not beautifully. The crowd loved it and eventually Dave got it on with a female orc. In the back, Ingvar had snapped the tent pole and Perrin put up an illusory tent so that no one else would see it. They got the slaves away and rescued the one from the chair, using the key that had caught on his toe when the orc fell to free the slaves. Unfortunately, the slaves were obviously slaves, wearing only rags as they were. Perrin and Ingvar decided to buy them some clothes to mask them.
They bought clothes from another purple establishment and Ingvar killed the proprietor when it became clear he was an asshole.
The girls’ party runs into some robots wearing cloaks and defeat them in a fight, and the friendly robot pantomimes that it wants them to take it to see blackbeard, which is in the center of the city where they were going anyway.
Both they and the other party on teh other side of the city made their way to the center of the city, which turned out to revolve around a huge gallows. But just as the two groups entered the center plaza, all the machines began to awake and attack.


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