The Known Sky

Session 2.5

Ingvar and Erven fight some birds

We began with a mini session exploring what Ingvar and Erven were doing while the rest of the party was inside the Brass Gear. They were waiting in a hidden spot to the side of the main catwalk when they heard a young girl’s voice calling for help. Ingvar ignored it but Erven went off to see what was wrong and Ingvar grudgingly followed him, bleeding a lot.

They discovered a small halfling girl with curly red hair. She introduced herself as Kithri Krommly and said she had been sent to Convoy ahead of a barge of refugees from the island of Yovar, which had somehow just been destroyed. She said that convoy’s freight docks, the only place their barge could dock, were closed and that their ship’s soul was dying. If the docks weren’t lowered quickly, the barge would sink and all the refugees aboard would die. She tried to radio the docks but no one answered so she came looking for help. She said when she tried to climb the control tower herself, she was attacked by some sort of creature she didn’t get a full sight of. Ingvar and Erven agreed to help her (Ingvar a little reluctantly due to his wounds). Happily, Kithri came equipped with healing potions and got our heroes back to full health.

Kithri led them to the control tower. As they approached, two Aarakocra with black and green feathers swooped out of the sky holding javelins. Kithri urged the party to attack them, and combat was joined. Ingvar and Erven managed to subdue the Aarakocra, including a third who emerged from the control tower. After that, Erven identified the right button to lower the docks (and Ingvar identified the incorrect button, which instead dropped sections of the dock away from Convoy when pressed). Kithri got in touch with the barge over the radio – they said they were under attack. Kithri said there must be a lot more aarakocra attacking if the barge is in trouble, as it has thousands of passengers. Kithri thanked Erven and Ingvar for their help and went off in search of her father for reinforcements in the Monastery. Ingvar decapitated a bird’s head to show others what they had dealt with and it seeped viscous green blood and was covered in enlarged veins, pustules, and boils filled with green grossness.

The gnome and the dwarf headed back to the Brass Gear to rejoin with the party.


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