Hillspar is a sizable island that is diversely populated, though humans are the plurality population. It features a city of the same name, an elf-inhabited Cormanthor Forest, and otherwise is mostly agrarian and grazing land.

Hillspar is famous for its Rothes, the herd animals featured on the left at the link:

Hillspar also has an infamous past. Approximately 30 years ago, a sorcerer and dictator named Maalthiir instituted what he called the “Great Law of Humanity,” which expelled all non-human races from the city. Maalthir kept the city flourishing by deregulating and making all sorts of trade flourish. Eventually, Maalthir was overthrown and the Great Law was discarded. Maalthir’s iron will during his reign was enforced by a troupe of mercenaries called the Red Plumes.

It now appears that the great law of humanity may have been reinstated as non-humans are being turned out of the city by soldiers who look just like Maalthir’s Red Plumes. Has Maalthir returned or is this merely a copycat come to take up his legacy? The Red Plume captain the party met introduced herself as Dessandra.

A refugee camp has been set up on the coast an hour’s sail east of the city near the Farbough Farm.

During Maalthir’s reign, the elves of Cormanthor forest largely kept to themselves and didn’t get involved with the city’s troubles. They are an insular people.

The party also heard rumors of an arena in Hillspar at which nonhumans were the main attraction.

The City of Hillspar
The city is split into northern and southern halves by the River Rarim – a river of real water that waterfalls off into nothingness. 3 Bridges across – Harbor cross, Maalthir’s Way, and Upstream Span. Islands in the river mouth serve as points of defense against incoming ships, full of mangonels, ballistae and other armaments. A highly defensible position. Old lord Maalthir’s tower sits on one of these islands.

Hillspar is set into an inlet of the island.

Northern bank: walled warehouse district, includes the walled-off Riram Watertower compound, the city’s main source of water, as well as warehouses with the city’s stores of food in a heavily walled-off compound Passage to the north bank is tightly controlled. Sheep also pasture at the water tower. The Northern Bank contains only one port, the main freight shipping port Merchants dock here and ship their wares either to northern warehouses or south across the bridges to the proper markets.

Southern bank: Home to the majority of residents and shops. Littered throughout with many hills, most of which are topped by estates and compounds belonging to the city’s mercantile elite. Was previously unwalled, now a wall is being built with 12 guard towers. Includes a smaller, non-mercantile port, many markets, stables, brothels, shops, and now-empty buildings formerly housing nonhumans. In the center of the south bank stands the Arena, a coliseum that seats 10,000 people. Was formerly a hippodrome dedicated to Rothe races, now repurposed for human fighting and gladiator matches.


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