Religion (The Faceted God)

The Faceted God

The God of the Known Sky’s major religion is a multitude. Every person is said to be a different facet of god, and every possible person is a face of god. But the “Gods” that people worship are the largest and broadest of these faces, “archetypes” of humanity like the Warrior and the Criminal. These major facets are called the 12 Faces of God (the religious symbol is a d12 carved with each god’s symbols), and each contains a multitude of personalities. The 12 gods are so broad that they are archetypes more than personalities – they are too impersonal to be pleaded or reasoned with, and will always act according to their nature. They don’t have the interpersonal conflicts of other pantheons like, say, the greek gods. The gods have no “names” beyond their titles.

Any domain of magic can be accessed through any of the 12 main faces of God, since they are just facets of the same power. But clerics/paladins must still dedicate themselves to one of the faces in order to access their domain. It’s more about finding the face of god that best matches your goals and personalities, or the one you strive to emulate.

In the distant past, legend says there was only one, all-encompassing god and one Unbroken Land that stretched from horizon to horizon.. But god got lonely since the mortal life it had created always went away – and so it created a race of immortals that would never abandon it. But with the immortals’ long lives came great arcane power and cunning. Eventually, the immortals went to war amongst themselves and shattered the world, and god along with it. According to clerics of the faceted god, the fragments of the shattered god formed the pantheon of 12 major facets. These 12 raised up the fragments of life on the broken remnants of the land, and this became the Known Sky. Legend says that great champions of the church rose up to defend the refugees of the Unbroken Lands and cast down the Immortals.

The 12 major Facets of God:
1. The Innocent
2. The Orphan
3. The Hero
4. The Caregiver
5. The Explorer
6. The Rebel
7. The Lover
8. The Builder
9. The Jester
10. The Sage
11. The Magician
12. The Ruler

Religion (The Faceted God)

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