The World of the Known Sky


The campaign’s world is referred to as the Known Sky, a term that refers to the local group of Sky Islands that have been explored and are in range of the Airships that have been sent exploring. The area beyond where Airships have explored is referred to as the Unknown Sky. No ships who have ventured too far beyond the bounds of this map have ever returned.

The mechanism by which the Sky Islands float in the air is unknown. There are many different theories, from magical to religious to various natural phenomena.

The sky is full of currents that make travel alternately swift or labyrinthine. There are some currents that are like highways and have been constant for centuries, and others that are fickle and switching. Others switch direction or strength on a seasonal basis. Travel between the islands of the Known Sky is rarely a simple task.

Below the islands of the Known Sky lies an impenetrable bank of mists. The mists obscure whatever might or might not lie below. The sun rises from the mists in the morning and sets beneath them at night. Ships that fly blindly into the mists and escape with their lives tell tales of isolation and despair. None who have returned have reported any sort of bottom end to the mists – as far as aeronauts and scientists can tell, the mists go on forever.

For theories on the origins of the Known Sky, see the Religion (The Faceted God) page.

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The World of the Known Sky

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