Gareth Kewd-Sturi

A gnome trickster cleric (Brit)


Brother Gareth Kewd-Sturi (pictured right and definitely not ripped off shamelessly from Schmendrick from the 1982 Rankin/Bass adaptation of The Last Unicorn. You may be thinking that but nope) was born the youngest son of the widow Vralarna (I mean … not a widow at the time but that’s kind of her “thing” now), a Rock Gnome living in the un-extraordinary hamlet of Grennet in the rural heartland of Listin(A).

Exhibiting a natural, and occasionally troublesome, intellect he aspired to pursue further education in medicine or the law. However, his mother was a deeply religious gnome and the cost and strain of raising several children was altogether too much for her and so, at the age of 8, Gareth was surrendered to Brother Iorweth, a passing adherent to the Face of the Explorer and to begin his training as a cleric.

Half resentful, half resigned to the reality of being forced to pursue what he considered “the mothers’ vocation” Gareth began early on to push the limits and ethics of what a gnome in his position ought to do (frequently at the expense of his actual education).

He initially began on the Pilgrimage to The Temple of Quardour the Great Navigator as his final act of faith before being full accepted as a brother. After that he was set up with another new initiate (Brother Arnot) to work as part of a traveling ministry but he ditched Arnot pretty quickly when he realized that the roving lifestyle of a Disciple of the Explorer afforded him ample opportunities to enrich himself by selling bogus relics to citizens of the various towns and cities he visited.

(A) You might call it “Flyover country” yuck yuck yuck gaaaaaagh! (B)
(B) “Died from laughing too hard at own dumb joke.”

Gareth Kewd-Sturi

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