Echelon is actually seven different disc-shaped islands stacked one on top of another with about a mile of space in between. The islands are speared through the middle by the trunk of a giant tree that holds them together.

Because they are covered by the higher islands, the bottom six islands are almost entirely shrouded in shadow, with only the rims of the islands getting much sunlight. The interiors of the islands are full of dark-loving races such as drow, duergar, and more.

The great tree at the center of Echelon is called the Indevan. The Indevan serves as the only way to get from one disc to another aside from by airship. Stairs have been carved into the bark of the tree and a strange glowing moss covers the tree to light the way. But the Drow and Duergar are not always willing to let would-be travellers pass – and there are rumors of yet darker creatures that live in Echelon’s shrouded interior.

Echelon’s uppermost disk is called Algara and is a plurality elvish land but with many other races living in there as well. The Algarans claim to rule all of Echelon, but in reality their rule covers only Algara itself and the rims of the lower discs.

Echelon is famed as the greatest builder of airships in the Known Sky – this is because the wood from the Indevan is the highest-quality in the world – lighter and yet stronger and more pliant than wood found from any other source. And the Indevan itself seems to always repair itself in short order from whatever damage loggers/miners do when gathering wood.

The outer rings of Echelon’s disks are largely all shipyards devoted to building and repairing airships with the Indevan’s lumber. Echelon is called “the Sky’s Shipyard.”

Echelon is ruled by a nobility of Wood Elves based in Algara. The current king is a middle-aged elf lord named Aldren Algara. In addition, each of the other 6 disks of Echelon is ruled by a Governor appointed by the monarch from one of Algara’s noble families. The king serves as governor of Algara itself.


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